Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nails In Videos

A new episode of Nails In Videos! In Nails In Videos I show you the nails of artist that I noticed the past couple weeks. I haven't seen many videos with amazing nails past half year or so, thats why I haven't done an article like this since September last year.

First nails are from Cher Llody in one of her new videos Want U Back (US Version). At first I thought she was just wearing white nails with some striped black nail art. When I looked better and up close, like on the last print screen I made, you can see those black stripes, but also silver stripes. Her pointer- and middlefinger are the same. Just as her thumb and pinky, which are polished in black and have a white star in the middle. Her ringfinger is different than the others. The nail is white and has a V-shape in black. 

Second nails are from Demi Lovato in her video Give Your Heart a Break. She has nothing special on her nails, but the reason why I put her in this article is because of the color of her nails! I think the color on her nails is absolutely gorgeous! My favorite nail polish looks exactly like it. It's a light coral peachy color wich looks very natural and goes great with every outfit your wearing.

"I'm feeling sexy and free, like glitter's raining on me!" Is the first line of Domino, Jessie J latest video. In this video she wears a lot of different manicure. The first one you will notice is her plain black, pointy nails. Which were a base for the next manicure.

In more than half of Jessies video you can see these nails above. They took the title of her song litteraly, because they made domino nails using a golden striper and golden rhinestones to create dominos. Next to this look, Jessie also wears these nails with her colorful pantherprinted jacket and her neon jacket.

The last manicure of Jessie J is the one you see above. Yellow, pink and purple stripes in different shades. The art on her nails look exactly the same, except her pointerfinger of her left hand and her middlefinger of her right hand are different than the others. I don't know what this manicure is made with. Water marble, just with the hand or maybe it's an application such as a nail sticker of foil. I don't know, but the manicure looks nice to me.

Addicted To You is I think the only video of Shakira where she wears a bright nail polish! Her nails are short, as always, but this time her nails are bright metallic blue! Mostly her nails are covered in a natural sheer polish, or she wears nothing at all on her nails.

Last video is Starship from Nicki Minaj. The first time I saw this video I read some comments right beneath the video on YouTube. Most comments were about the "weird" nails Nicki is wearing after two minutes. Well, there is nothing weird about her nails. Let me explain.
In the first print screen you see Nicki with her very long light blue nails. The next two print screens are shot in front of a blue screen, just like you have a green screen. Once you wear something blue, it fades away in the background and becomes the background. That's why it looks kinda weird.

Hope you liked this episode of Nails In Videos. When you ever see a video with an artist wearing an awesome naildo, let me know! Doesn't matter if it's an known or unknown artist, if he or she wears an awesome manicure, I will probably like it!


  1. De nagels van Jessie J zijn gaaf.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. they are cuteee

  3. Do you know what nailpolish Demi is using? Or a color that looks alike?

    1. I'm not quite sure what she is wearing, but the color looks very similar to Essie Haute as Hello or Tart Deco.

  4. I'm pretty sure in the last manicure for Jessie J she's wearing a set of NCLA nail wraps in Jazzi.

    1. I think you're right! The pattern looks definitely like those wraps. Thanks!