Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tutorial: Drag Marble Flowers

These drag marble flowers were my day #14 manicure on the 31 day nail challenge. Before I did the manicure, I already decided I wanted to do marbled flowers. I just love this manicure. Now, I'm here to tell and show you how to recreate this nailart manicure. 

The things you need:
- Basecoat;
- Base color;
- Two polishes for the flower, one light color, one dark;
- Green polish;
- Topcoat;
- Dottingtool, toothpick, nailartbrush(optional).

Step 1. Paint a layer of basecoat on your nails to prevent your nails from discoloration. When you basecoat is dry, paint your nails in your desired polish color.

Step 2. When the polish is dry, drop a few drops of the lightest nail polish onto one nail. I say 'one nail' because you're going to do one nail at the time. Because this is a drag marble manicure, the polish cannot dry in between.

Step 3. The large dots you just created are still wet. They have to be otherwise the whole manicure could fail. Now, put one little drop of the darker polish into each dot. 

Step 4. Using a toothpick, turn it around by making swirls, starting from the inside out. This will make the flower. If you imagen my flowers as roses, you can see the 'petals'.

Step 5. Let your flowers dry and start to repeat the steps to the other nails. Drying time might take a while since you worked with large drops of nail polish.

Step 6. When you made flowers on each nail, you can continue with the leaves.Using a dottingtool, toothpick or a nailartbrush, you can draw with some dark green polish one, two or three leaves near each flower.

Step 7. Now let this dry and add a layer of topcoat to prevent your manicure from chipping. (I now see I damaged one flower on my pinky)

And that's, ladies and gentlefriends, how you make drag marble flowers! I hope you liked it and will try this out sometime. If you do, send me a message, I would love to see a manicure made with my help and my tutorials. :D


  1. Leuk! Ik heb deze ook gemaakt voor de 31 Day Manicure Challenge, maar hij ziet er toch net iets anders uit ;)

    1. Ik heb meteen even op je(jullie) blog gekeken! Meteen even een reactie achter gelaten! Leuk gemaakt.. en idd, precies hetzelfde. Zwarte achtergrond was heel mooi tegenover de kleuren van de bloemen.