Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nails Shapes and Sizes

Body's come in different shapes and sizes. Nails do too! Today I'm going to show you which nail shapes there are, and which shape you and I might have. I always thought my nails were rounded, till I did some research. Want to know what my shape is?

I'll start off with the most common nail shapes. Shapes you will see every day and you will recognize in a seconde. At the end I will show you three nail shapes that are the least common of all shapes and sizes.

Round nails. Strong straight walls, round tip with sharp or light rounded corners. The round tip has the same arch as your natural nail rim. Rounded nails are the most conservative of all shapes. Ideal for men and women.

Oval nails. Walls and tip all filed into an oval/egg shape. This shape looks, long or short, very feminine and very flattering. Because the sides are filed, the nails are weak and will tend to break easily.

Square nails, the classic french manicure shape, as people say. The side walls are strong, corners are sharp, or slight rounded.

Squoval(square/oval) nails are square nails with oval filed tips and corners. Squoval nails are as strong as square nails. The more oval the shape is, the weaker the nail.

Flared nails. Wide tips and gradually narrowed down towards the nail bed. Flared nail are made with acrylic nails on top of your own natural nail. The fake acrylic nail is very strong. Because of the large surface, this shape if suitable for extreme nail art.

Stiletto nails, or pointy nails, are nails filed into a triangle. File your nail into a triangular makes your nails very weak, and just as the oval shape, your nails will tend to break easily.

Oblique nails. This nail art is the least common of them all. The shape is created by the oblique french manicure. Both corners are very sharp. Oblique nails are very weak and will break easily.

I always thought I had rounded nails. But after searching some nail shapes I learned I had oval nails, because my nails look like an oval/egg. My nails are weak and yes, they break very easy and very fast! I think I have to switch to another nail shape. I like the squoval one. But always when I start to file my nail into a squoval, I get too enthousiastic and file my nail into an oval.
What is your nail shape? If you had to switch nail shapes right now, which one would you choose?


  1. Ik maak mijn nagels meer ovaal.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. My index and thumb nails are oval, and my middle nails I feel as if are naturally flared, and I hate it!! The rest of my nails are round ones ... I really wish they all were square, but I don't know how to make them, because before they get so long that I actually can make them square, I want to make them all the same shape, so I file them all oval. Then, when my nails are long enough to make them sqaure, I can't, because they're rounded! *screams in frustration* So annoying.. :)

  3. I didn't realise there were so many shapes out there! Oblique nails? How peculiar! Definitely not my cup of tea. Great post!
    Dani xx

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