Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nicole by OPI 'Follow Me On Glitter'

My second polish by Nicole by OPI is Follow Me On Glitter, one of the Kardashian Kolors. Wasn't actually  the polish I wanted from the Kardashians collection, the one I wanted to have was sold out. Ah well, this one is pretty too, just look at the swatch images I made.

'A glittery deep gray always has something to say.'

Follow Me On Glitter is a deep gray polish with very little black and silver glitters. The black and silver glitters almost look like shimmers. The polish also contains multi-colored round and hex glitters. If you are familiar with the polish Disco Dolls, also from the Kardashians collection, you might see some comparisons with that polish. It does look a like! The base of Follow Me On Glitter is made out of black and silver glitters. Disco Dolls is made out of gold and silver glitters, and it also contains multi-colored round and hex glitters.

The polish needs two coats to be as pigmented as on the pictures above. The polish is pretty pigmented but the gray base makes the polish a little sheer at some strokes. The quality of this polish is just as great as A Million Sparkles, another polish from Nicole by OPI. It wears up to five days.

I like this polish. I actually wanted to purchase Disco Dolls, the polish that looks a lot like Follow Me On Glitter. Now I'm very glad because I think I like this one more than the one with a gold base and golden glitters instead of black. What do you think of this polish? Do you have a polish from the Kardashians collection?