Friday, September 07, 2012

Essence Colour and Change

Colour and Change is a new nail polish line from Essence. Essence says; "Create magic nail art looks within seconds!" New line, new innovation. Never been this curious to try a new product. I purchased all products I needed, tried them and here is my review!

To get this magic nail art you need a Magic Effect nail polish and a Magic Effect Designer polish. There are four Magic Effect nail polishes you can choose from. I got a pink one named 03 Sweet Surpirse. I don't really like the polishes they got. The colors aren't that amazing and they all are metallic looking.
The Designer polish is a clear striper polish you use to draw and create different designs on your nail.

To create a magic nail art you first have to polish your nails with the Magic Effect nail polish. When the polish is dry you can get creative with the Designer polish. Draw your own designs on your nails. Dots, tips, stripes, anything you like. Let dry and you will have a cute and unique nail art manicure.

I polished my nails with Sweet Surprise and then I got "creative" with the Designer polish. If you use the special Designer polish you will see that the creations you made with that polish will show darker that the Magic Effect nail polish. 
Back to the Designer polish. This polish looks just like a regular clear polish or top coat. Hmm.. I made two creations on my nails with the Designer polish and wondered if a regular top coat would also do the same thing when I draw a design on the Magic Effect nail polish.

I used a clear polish from Max and a top coat from OPI.

Guess what?! The clear polish and top coat worked just the same as the Designer polish. That's why the package says not to use a top coat!
Then I tried the Designer polish on just polishes from China Glaze. The Designer polish didn't do anything. The innovation has to be somewhere in the Magic Effect nail polish. I don't know what it exactly is but it looks like the Magic Effect polish is highly pigmented because when you use the Designer polish, clear polish or a top coat, the special nail polish will stain on the brush of the clear polish.

Now what do I think of this new innovation? Really. I don't think it's that special. The special polishes aren't that great I think, that's because there are only four colors, and the the colors aren't that amazing or fun. The Designer polish is nothing but a clear striper polish. I mean, if you have a top coat you can always use that instead of buying the Designer polish. The nail art you can make with this brush is maybe something for beginners. You can't really be creative with this all. 
Now the biggest pro is probably the price. For not even 6 Euros I got these two polishes, but that's all. I'm kinda dissapointed. 

You might think I'm being too negative about this all, but this is my real and honest opinion on these products. I don't want you all to spend money on something like this, even if it costs only 6 Euros. My question for you guys: Would you ever try these products after reading my review? Or have you already purchased these products and tried it? What is your opinion?


  1. Thanks for the review! I would of got it but now that I know its no big woop I think I'll pass

    Like the designs though!

  2. Ik vind het ook niet heel speciaal, opzich wel leuk bedacht van Essence.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. yesterday i've bought only step 1 in gray-blue...step 2 was sold out, that's the first good home i tryed the coat and after drying and searching the www, i tryed my essence crystal clear coat for making patterns....and it works!!! but you are correct - it's not the great woop...

    from germany....where all things take more time....