Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Remove Glitter Polish w/ the Foil Method

The foil method. Never thought I'd be doing this article because I swear by using an artificial nail remover for removing glitter polish. Now, I've had some issues using the artificial remover too much. It's not conducive for your cuticles, plus it doesn't always remove all glitters when you have more than 4 layers of glitter polish on your nails. Than I tried the foil method, again, with a surprising result: it really does remover glitter!

So it really does remove glitter, even if you used more layers of glitter polish. Let's get on to my tutorial for using the foil method!

The things you need:
- Kitchen/Aluminum foil
- Cotton pads or balls
- Nail polish remover

Step 1; Tear up your kitchen foil in 10 little pieces. Each piece has to be long and wide enough to wrap around your finger. The pieces I made were 10x10cm/3.9x3.9 inches.

Step 2; Drench one cotton ball or pad with nail polish remover. Don't just put some remover onto the cotton, really drench the part where you're going to put your nail.

Step 3; Put the drenched cotton onto one nail.

Step 4; Take one piece of kitchen foil and wrap it around your nail with the drenched cotton. Squeez the kitchen foil onces it is wrapped around your finger. The foil will keep the cotton in place so the glitter will be soaked with nail polish remover.

Repeat step two to four on every finger and let the kitchen foil sit for about 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of glitter polish on your nails.

Step 5; When you've waited for 5-10 minutes you have to pinch where your nail is. Wiggle the foil with the cotton underneath while keeping a firm pressure and just swipe the foil from your nail. That's it. Your nail would now be glitterfree. Sometimes there might be some glitters left on your nails, but you can just get them off very easily.

This is how my nails looked after using the foil method. I prefer this method better than using an artificial remover, just because an artificial remover ruins your cuticles. 

So now you can just use and apply your favorite glitter polish without making a fuss about removing the glitters. Have you ever tried this foil method, and the articifial remover? Which one do you prefer most?

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