Thursday, November 22, 2012

#20 Water Marble

My apologies for not putting anything online last tuesday. I'm sorry, I've just been too busy with school.. and I'm sorry for not continuing the 31 Day Nail Challenge since my last manicure. Waiting for a manicure will be no longer because the most horrible manicure ever is now officially over! I don't ever have to do water marble nails again! 

So for this day, day 20, I had to do a water marble manicure. But ever since my galaxy manicure, I've been postponing this manicure. I've tried to do a water marble manicure before.. many, many times, but every time my manicure just fails! I still don't know what I do wrong when water marbling my nails. Trust me, I've tried all different things for this manicure. A basecoat, no basecoat, thick polish, thin polish, new nail polish, warm water, cold water, room-temperature water.. I've been trying for two hours to create this manicure, which is still a huge fail but I don't care anymore. I've tried, I did the best I could, but after two whole hours the fun is over. I'm never ever going to try water marbled nails again!

 Oh, and the manicure lasted me a half day.


  1. It looks great! I've always wanted to try this but never seem to get around to it. Found you on blog hop! New follower:)

  2. You are so god at this, I fail every time. Following you now hun :))

  3. wow this is a great idea and your nails look amazing, great job!!

    new follower from followers to friends! hope you follow back :)

  4. That's so cool. Tried it once, and it was an epic fail. I'm going to try some of your tips.

    With love,
    Tisha Jade of NeverJaded