Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II LE Polishes

Tomorrow is the day. The day that the last part of the Twilight saga goes in premiere, Breaking Dawn part II. Can I scream? Ahhh!!!.. I am so freaking excited! I cannot wait to see this movie and I think I'm about to cry when the movie ends. Thanks to Essence, we can enjoy the movies even more when wearing all the products of their limited edition Breaking Dawn part II collection... especially their nail polishes!


To get you all excited, the trailer of Breaking Dawn part II. 

The polishes from left to right; 01 Jacob's Protection. 02 Alice Had a Vision - Again. 03 A Piece of Forever. 04 Edward's Love. 

01 Jacob's Protection. One of my favorite polishes of this collection. It's a black base polish with blue, green and purple glass flecks. The purple glass flecks are not very noticable when swatched on my nails. The blue and green flecks predominate.

02 Alice Had a Vision - Again. My number one favorite of all the polishes of this collection! This is a black base polish with purple, blue and green glass flecks. The flecks actually look like glitters, but unlike glitter polishes, this polish is very easy to remove. The polish is a bit sheer when you apply your first layer, but when you apply two layers, it is really opaque.

03 A Piece Of Forever. This is a yellow golden frost foil polish. I really like the polish. It's different than other golden polishes I own. But to be honest, I don't really see a connection with this polish and Twilight. If anyone knows, please tell me! A beautiful blood red polish would have been more suitable for this LE. 

04 Edward's Love. A black polish with silver glass flecks. The polishes is very opaque! This is actually my least favorite of the bunch. If I compare this polish with the first two polishes, this one is a bit plain and boring. Sorry for the ones who do like this polish.

Even tough the golden polish doesn't fit into this collection(I do like the color!) and the last polish is a downfall for me, I really like the whole collection. I also got the red lipgloss with golden glitter, I never get other products than just the polishes, that's positive. The collection is now available. If you want any of the product, be quick because I think this LE will be sold out very soon!

Have you seen the collection in stores already? What do you think of these polishes? What do you think about Twilight? Also excited to see the last movie? Team Jacob or Team Edward? Haha, I'm team Emmett all the way. ;D


  1. Ik vond de lakjes allemaal erg mooi.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. tomorrow is the day!!! so exicted.

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  3. I love your swatches, they are so neat! [teach me ;D]
    Also I agrea I do not see the connection to the gold polish, I agrea that I would have loved to see a stunning red shade, preferred dark red with a mix or red,yellow,orange flakes.

  4. Ik vind alle vier de lakjes is echt super mooi. X

  5. I love the swatches! I only got the blushes, but I kind of want the nail polishes now!