Friday, December 14, 2012

New Ideas for NailsByStephanie 2013

So, I've been thinking lately... about my blog. I'm now blogging for over two years on my own blog. Before I started this blog I also blogged a half year/one year about makeup in general on a Dutch beautyblog named, which doesn't excist anymore. This wasn't my own blog but a shared blog with other girls.

I still like blogging, no I love blogging! I like the topic of my blog; nails, nail care, nail art  and nail polish, but I think it's too limited for me. Nail polish is my addiction. But once I see and read other blogs that write about other topics, something inside me starts to tingle. It's not that I'm out of ideas, It's just.. I also want to write about other topics that I love! Beauty, lifestyle, books, jewelry, fashion and movies. 
Now, I don't want to make a whole other blog and quit this one. I still want to keep this blog and write about nail polish and combine it with other topics. My idea is to blog every week about nail polish or anything related because I still want the main topic to be nail polish. Next to that I want to blog about the other topics when I want and when I have time. Don't worry, I'm not going to change the main topic into a whole other topic. 
I'm not going to start right away, right after I posted this. No. I want to be prepared before I go on with this idea. I'm going to start when the new year begins. So after the first of January you can expect other blogs next to my nail polish blogs.

If you all have any questions, suggestions or anything. Just post them down below! I read every comment!

PS. Oh, and about the survey. I got a few responses of people who took the survey. Looking back at the results all those people were very positive. The only thing is, according to those results, is that some pictures I show in my articles are too up close. I'll try to do something about that issue, if you all find that I take my pictures too up close to my nails.
PS. PS. About the nail challenge. I don't really feel comfortable with it. I feel I HAVE to make all those manicure when I don't want too.  It feels very forced, which I don't like and I don't think it comes across as "natural" for you, my readers. So for now, I'm going quit the challenge.. that doesn't mean I'm not going to conintue anytime next year because I do want to finish it. When I will continue the challenge depends on my life, school, work, freetime and how I feel about it, my mood.

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