Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Max Magnetic Nail Polish Set

I got these magnetic nail polishes from Max not too long ago. I've tried magnetic polishes from Essence before, but unfortunately, those were not great. They just didn't work for me. Then I saw this set of magnetic polishes in the stores for only €1,50. I couldn't let them just lay there. I had to take them with me.

This set contains two magnetic red polishes, number 25 is one blood red with glitter, the other one is number 22 and is more of a coppery red polish with glitters. Too bad they look a like. I'd rather had two different colored polishes instead of two who look almost the same. The set also contains one magnet. This set comes with a magnet that creates a diagonal striped design. They also sell other set with different colored polishes, not my favorite colors(grey and ugly yellow/green) and another magnet with another design(star). 

How do you get the design of the magnet onto the nails is one of the most asked questions when I these nails. Well, you paint all your nails. Wait till the polish is dry. Then, paint one nail and when the polish is still wet, hold the magnet above the wet nail polish. Don't wiggle around, sit still! You don't want the magnet to touch the wet nail polish. When you hold the magnet above your nails, you might hear the reaction of the polish and the magnet. You can hear the magnetic reaction say "click" several times. Also, you can feel your nails tingle a little because of this reaction. 
Now, repeat this with every nail. 

Number 22. The polish that is more coppery red. The color looks way different when swatched on my nails. You can't even see the glitters in the polish.

Number 25, the blood red polish. This one looks more like we see when looking at the bottle of nail polishes. The glitters, again, don't really show, but the polish and the magnet really work great. When you hold the magnet above the wet nail polish you can see, hear and feel the magnet work. 

I think this is a great set if you would like to try magnetic polishes for the first time. Too bad of the colors. The two polishes look very similar, and the glitters don't show when you swatch the polish on your nails. Overal, this is a reasonable set of magnetic nail polishes for €1,50. Available at Action stores.


  1. Ik vind het effect wel erg mooi.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Leuk, hadden ze ook nog andere kleuren of alleen rood?

    1. Ja, één set met grijze lakjes en één set met een grijs en geel/groenachtig lakje. Ik vond ze niet zo mooi van kleur om eerlijk te zijn.

  3. so pretty! :)

  4. Ziet er goed uit! Had ik niet verwacht van de action. Maar action heeft best goede producten voor die prijs eigenlijk! :)

  5. wow they came out great! I tried the Sally Hansen version and really liked it. Love your blog, new follower GFC :) xo