Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Essence Studio Nails French Tips - Long Style

It's been a while since I've done an actual decent article. Time to review the Essence Studio Nails French Tips - Long Style. I've reviewed the Essence regular french tips before and I really liked them. I've always wanted to try the long style french tips, so I went to the store and purchased a set.

The package is simple. At the front you see the brand, the name of the product, all pro's of this product and it's very visable to see that these are the long style french tips in white. On the back there's a step by step tutorial on how to apply these tips.

The set contains 18 french tips and has nine sizes in total. This gives you a wide range of sizes. The kit only includes the french tips. The things you need to get yourself, and is not included in the set, are; a file, nail glue and a topcoat.

Step 1; Prepare your nails before applying the tips. File them. Don't file them too short because you do want  to leave a little tip of your own nail to lay the fake tips on. Buff them if you like and make them greasefree by just cleaning them with a little nail polish remover. Even if you don't have nail polish on you have to use nail polish remover, otherwise the tips won't attach as well onto the nails and will fall off within a day. 

Step 2; Measure and puzzle. Once you've got the right size for each nail, lay them next to each other so they won't mix up. 
Step 3; Apply the tips with your nail glue. Press the corners of the tips to your nails when the glue is drying. 

Step 4; Once the glue is dry you need to click the handles of the tips up and down to break them off. They break off very easily.
Step 5; File the tips a little. They might have a little rim of the handles you clicked off. Then apply a topcoat. That's it! Five easy steps for a beautiful french manicure.

This is how the result looks. I really like these french tips. They are very easy to apply. They only last about a week, which is okay for me. If one nail does fall off you have 8 more fake tips to use on that nail. I think these tips are great for people who want a professional french manicure, but don't have the money to get it done in a salon, or people who want to do it theirselves, only they don't have a steady hand or just lazy people as me. Haha. O, and to remove the nails, all you have to have is a nail dissolver.

The fake tips are available for only €1,99. You can find the nearest store with Essence products right here. Only stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be displayed.

Have you ever tried these tips, or any other french tips from Essence? Did you liked them as much as I do? Would you ever try these?


  1. Looks really good!
    I actually never tried them

  2. Ik heb ze ook geprobeerd maar bij mij brak het zo snel af.
    Liefs, xxx

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  4. BTW the nails look lovely!

  5. These look really good. Nice salon effect. Thanks for sharing! http://plushpinkallure.blogspot.com

  6. Ik heb ze ook geprobeerd, helaas zonder succes.

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    those look very nice!!! my nail beds are too long to use those kind of nails :-(

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  8. Brilliant, beauty on a budget.... works for me. Great post. thanks for sharing!
    Maya D