Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nail Soakers to Remove Polish

Last week you could see these nail soakers in my Ebay haul. I always wanted to try these nail soakers. I've seen them before in videos and blog posts and people say it's the best method/product to use to remove glitter nail polish. I don't believe it till I see it, so I've tried them, here's my review: 

To really test those nail soakers I decided to try them with a glittery polish. This is how my nails looked like before I used the nail soakers. I'm wearing Golden Eye from OPI's Skyfall collection. 

This is how the nail soakers look like. They're simply just little plastic cups with a pink rubber lid that has a hole in it. You can take the lid off but there is actually no need to take it off. 

I put the lid back on the cup and filled the soaker with nail polish remover. Normally I use remover that is free from acetone because it's better for your nails and cuticles. But I've tried the soakers before with acetone free remover and it doesn't work as I wanted. I found out that acetone is the most effective so I recommend using that if you have the soakers. I also used acetone on these pictures.

Fill the soakers till the pink lid. You don't want to pour in any more acetone because when you put in your fingers, the acetone is going to pour over or leak.

I first filled all soakers with acetone before I put my fingers in through the holes in the lid.

When you've put the right quantity in the soakers, the soakers will not leak when you're finger are in the holes. You can even put your hands up side down and the acetone still won't leak out of the soakers. Great when you're unpatient and can't sit down for a few minutes. 

I left my fingers into the soakers for five minutes. In those few minutes you can see the nail polish dissolve or fall off of your nails. The glitter flakes of my Golden Eye polish didn't dissolve, they are visible at the bottom of the soakers after five minutes.

After those five minutes, all you have to do is to pull your finger out of the soakers. My nails were almost perfectly clean and free of my glittery nail polish. If you still have polish or glitter on your nails, you can just simply rub them off a little because they would still be soaked into acetone which makes it easy to remove. But, as you see my pictures above, I don't have any residue of the nail polish.

The result of these nail soakers are above my expectations. They are really the ideal product to remove persistent nail polish that is hard to remove without rubbing an hour and damaging your nails and cuticles. The nail soakers are reusable. You just rinse them out, let them dry and keep them with your other nail products. 

The nail soakers are available at Ebay under the searchname of "pink nail soakers". Prices vary. 

Hope this review was helpfull!


  1. OMG, I have to get my hands on these!! Stopping by from Aloha Friday and I am now your newest follower. I look forward to a long blog relationship with you and can't wait to see what you come up with next!


  2. Ahw deze zijn echt leuuuuk en handig!

  3. Wauw hier was ik dus al een heletijd heel erg benieuwd naar, het werkt dus ook nog! Ik ga ze aanschaffen!

  4. Woow wat grappig. Dat is handig zeg.