Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nail Rock Heat Activating Nail Stickers

It's been a while since I did a review on nail applications. I've tried many applications but they never satisfy with my expectations and weren't worth a review. This one is, I'll come straight to the point, pretty good. I'm very satisfied with these, especially for metallic, and in this case golden applications! 

The nail applications come in this black cardboard packaging. There are some steps on how to put the stickers onto the nails on the back of the cardboard but I have to be honest, I didn't really looked at the text and just went ahead the first time I applied the stickers. That didn't worked of course because step 6 says you need to apply heat.

Nail Rock comes with 24 different sized nail applications. More than enough for two manicures! When I first looked at the stickers I thought this was going to fail big time! The stickers are way too thick to put and stay on my nails.

So.. yeah, haha. Then I read the description and realised I had to apply heat. To show you the differance of the nail application with and without heat, I have two pictures for you. The one on the left is a sticker without heat. The picture on the right is the very same sticker, only this time blowdried with heat from my hair dryer. Heat makes the sticker slacker and it will activate the sticky part.

What I did to apply the stickers is first to measure the stickers to my own nails, which size fits which nails, and then I applied them to my nails. I already cut the excess sticker off to make the next step a little bit easier.

Then, when all my nails were covered with the stickers, I took my hairdryer and heated my nails and stickers. You see the stickers getting limp. This way you can bend and rub the stickers smooth till they fit your nails perfectly. All I had to do after heating and rubbing the stickers was to file the edges just a little bit till there's no more excess stickers on the tips of your nails.

That was it, easy right? This is how my nails looked right after I applied the stickers. Pretty good right, for metallic nail applications!?

As for my nail arch, which I always look back at when reviewing nail applications.. The stickers totally bend with my nails and covers almost my whole nail without a wrinkle. Well, you might see a couple, but overall; I'm impressed! 

As for the sustainability? The stickers lasted me one day.. and then I just wanted to peel everything off, haha. I'm great with applications(sarcasm)!!

What do you think of these nail applications? Have you ever seen stickers look this good? Are you familiar with these Nail Rock heat activating stickers?


  1. Ideaal!!

    Trouwens... doe je al mee aan mijn give-away :D! ?
    Je kunt een shambala armbandje winnen t.w.v. € 80.- Iets voor jou?



  2. Omg! so cool!
    Are these stickers from claires by the way? cause i saw sort of these stickers in claires :)
    Now i finally know how to apply them!

    xoxo, someone who loves nailart.

    1. I didn't got these at Claire's, don't even know where I got these, but it could be possible they have them over there.