Thursday, August 15, 2013

How To Use Waterslide Decals

Tuesday I showed you how to make your own waterslide decals. Today I'm going to show you how to use them and how you can transfer the image from the paper to your nails!

What you need to use the decals on nails:
- Waterslide decals
- Bowl or lid with room temperatured water
- Top coat
- Tissue, cotton pad or a cloth
- Siccor
- Tweezer (optional)

Step 1; Prep your nails before you start with the decal. Paint them in a beautiful color you see fit or leave them bare. When you don't want to use any nail polish before you apply the decals, make sure you wash your hands so your nails will be grease free.

Step 2; Take your waterslide decals and cut the images as small as you can.

Step 3; Take a bowl or lid with room temperatured water and put the decal into the water for about 30 seconds. Take your decal out of the water after those couple seconds.

Step 4; Try to slide the image from the paper. Do this very carfully. The image is very delicate and will tear or fold very fast. Once it tears or folds there is no turning back. If it doesn't slide off that well just add a few drops of water, wait a few seconds and try again till the image slides off well. 

Step 5; Slide the image onto your nail the way it came off of the paper, not upside down! You can use a tweezer to pick up the image if you find it difficult to do so with your fingers. Pat with a tissue, cotton pad or a cloth on the image to soak up some left over water.

Step 4; Once the image is dry you have to put on a top coat. The topcoat will seal everything together and makes sure the decal won't come off. That's how you transfer the image from the paper to your nails.

The cracks you seen in the images are from the clear spray paint I used. I used two thick layer insteads of two thin layers, which makes cracks in the images. Some images gave off some ink. But only close up you see the cracks. The cracks are almost invisable from a distance. 

Well, that's it! Have you ever tried to put on waterslide decals? How did they came out at first? What do you think of the waterslide decals?