Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Celebs and their nails!

I love looking at celebrities.. and especially their nails! Celebs are the main reason for me to come up with different looks of nailart. Most looks I make I've already seen on example Rihanna or Victoria Beckham. I just give a look my own twist and make it my own.

Now I want to show you four looks of celebrities who have amazing nails!

First is Lady Gaga! This photo has been taken at the MTV VMA's from last year. What I like about her nails is that they are so long and pointy. They make her hands look dangerous. The only thing I do not like about these nails is the color. I'm just not that into plain livercolors.

Next is Rihanna! These nails I adore! I love animalprints and these nails don't really have the original colors of a panther but the different colors on her nails do match very well. One thing I would skip putting on my nails are the bows and rhinestones. I just don't like them on my own nails.. but I still looks great on someone else!

There is not one thing I don't like about this photo. I like the dress, I like the hair, I like makeup and the nails! As you can see Katy Perry has got some bling bling nails. I just keep on staring at those nails. Can't say anything bad about them.

Bee has some lovely golden nails. I think they are Minx-nails like the BUSH-nails from Kim Kardashian. I really like them.. you can never pull gold metallic of like this with just an nailpolish.

xoxo Stephanie
(Link: http://www.seventeen.com/)

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  1. Die van Katy Perry zijn mooi :O