Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trend: Ombré Nails

Ombré manicure, the nailtrend of this year. Actually spring 2010, but here in Europe you can still wear it and pull it off!
You might have seen the Ombré-look before in different hairstyles. But what does Ombré mean? Ombré is the term for shading.
This term in fashion was a huge hit mid 90s.. and it has made its comeback in the fall of 2008!

That was a little historyclass about ombré, onto the nails:
It's very easy to do it on your own nails.
When you start with Ombré nails you have to pick out five shades of the same colors. When you don't have five shades of one color you can also choose two colors, one color you like and a black/white to mix in varying degrees in color.
When applying start at with the darkest color on your pinkynail, then color each nail towards the thumb a shade lighter. 
If you like you can also start with the darker color at your thumb and color every nail towars your pinkynail a shade lighter.

Trendsetter of this nailhype is Lauren Conrad. She was one of the first people who we've seen with this naillook. This picture of her and ofcourse her nails is made over a year ago.

Enough talk about this trend. There's already a new nailtrend around ombré. I'm going to write an article over it in a couple of week.

xoxo Stephanie

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