Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catrice "Caught On The Red Carpet"

Caught On The Red Carpet is my favorite nailpolish at this moment! The color is a dark red, perfect for this time of year.

This first thing that noticed me is the look. The bottle looks very luxury to me. You can compare the bottle to a GOSH or MAC nailpolish. They all are rounded and have a black top.

COTRC is a creambase nailpolish. Which is my favorite. It apllies very nicely. The polish is dry after a few minutes. Time enough to put a second coat on your nails. A second coat for me is neccesary because the nailpolish is still a bit seethrough after one coat.
The sustainability was for me two days. In those two days I washed my hands very often, so I think if you didn't the polish on your nails would last three of four days.

This polish belongs to Catrices' Ultimate Lacquers, it's not limited edition. You can get it anywhere they sell Catrice. It very cheap. Here in Europe you will pay around 2/3 euro's for it.

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