Saturday, December 11, 2010

GOSH "Blue Monday"

A review of GOSHs' nailpolish Blue Monday.

Looking at the bottle of the nailpolish. It's look familiar. Catrice and MAC also have their nailpolishes in a rond tiny bottle with a black top. The top is unlike the one from Catrice very hard plastic. I'm not afraid to break the top of. But after looking at the bottle I only can say that it looks very chic.

Blue Monday is a midtone blue color. It has a jelly substance and there are teenie tiny little glitters in it. If you want the perfect effect of the glitters you need three coats on you nails. Two is fine aswell but the glitters really sparkle and gives a wow-effect with three coats.
The sustainability for me was four days. Which is better than I expected from GOSH.

Naturel light

With flash

The nailpolish is not limited edition, it's in any store where they sell GOSH available.

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