Saturday, December 04, 2010

Nails in videos

In this article I showed you nails of celebrities I really liked. They wore the nails to an event or just in their daily life. Now I'm going to show you my favorite nails and nailart in videoclips. If you cannot see the nails that good, just click on the pictures to enlarge them.

First nails are from Lady Gaga in her Pokerface video. These are her famous pokerfacenails. You can't really see what see has on her nails but she has rhinestones on her nails in different shapes. Her ringfinger has a red heart. The rhinestones and nailart on her other hand was different than her right hand on the photo.

And again Lady Gaga! I love these nails. It's not a daily nailart because it is very extreme. It's a glossy black nail with metal gauze. I wouldn't wear this because I will scratch my eye out. Ofcourse this look is from the video Bad Romance. 

These nails are from Beyonce in Telephone. Her nails are pointy and have the colors white, light/pastel pink and yellow. Her nails remember me to a kind of candy. (I had another picture from the video but there was a little bit to much of Bee's cleavage.)

Katy Perry is wearing black and white striped nails. Or as you can call it: zebranails. From I Kissed a Girl. Zebranails are very easy to do. There are many tutorials on how to do them on YouTube!

Another naillook from Katy Perry. In her video Waking Up In Vegas she is wearing mostly a plain red nail. Her nails are very short and so with the color red it looks chich but also kinda rockerish. Specially with those white fingerless gloves on.

These fierce nails are from Rihanna in Umbrella. In the beginning of the video you can see her with some long nails. Colors are black and on the tip and at the moon of the nail she has gold. 

The only man in this article: Adam Lambert. Black short nails. His colored nails really fits him well. It makes his look complete. Picture from his video If I Had You.

I Gotta Feeling! Fergie's nails. In the beginning of the video I thought she was wearing just a gold nail. I watched the video a little bit longer and after a few seconds I got to this. Thanks to my printscreen-button I got this picture! As you can see Fergie is wearing a black and gold panther nail.

Again Fergie in her Fergalicious video. She is wearing this domino nail in the whole video. If you want you can make it yourself. Paint your nails black, use white nailpolish and a toothpick to make a line in the middle and make on each side of the middle dots like on a dice.

And here a woman in disguise: P!nk. Like one of the Stupid Girls in her video. Pink has some long and gold nails that really stand out.

These nails are from Nicole Sherzinger in her video When I Grow Up in her girlgroup The Pussycat Dolls. Her nails really fit into the song 'When I grow up I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies'. That's why she has stars on her blue-ish nails.

Last look for the article are these nails. A french manicure with black tips and some black and red roses. But from which artist is this and which video? I'll tell you! It's Kelis in her video Acapella.
Hope you liked the pictures. It took me a couple of hours to just watch videos and printscreen some looks. There were video with almost not one good shot a a naillook, but there also were videos with enough choice to choose a shot to printscreen it. Ofcourse I didn't wanted five pictures of one look. So I took it down to one or two.
If you have another look from a video, please let me know! It's fun to do another article about the looks in video in a half year.
xoxo Stephanie


  1. Hey meid!
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  2. awesome! they're great inspiration! :D thanks!