Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OPI 'Princesses Rule!' and 'Hearts & Tarts'

Remember my first OPI haul from December? I bought my first OPI's: Hearts & Tarts and Princesses Rule! And I finally got the chance to wear both polishes and test them.

Princesses Rule!

I have nothing much to say about these colors and nailpolishes because these nailpolishes are the best ever! From both polish I needed two coats to have the perfect color. One downfall was the dryingtime, it took about a half an hour before the polishes were completely dry. But here comes the good part: the nailpolish stayed on my nails for 6 days without chipping! I was so amazed by this, I recommend every single person OPI. They are worth the price and I will definitly buy more polishes from OPI.

Hearts & Tarts

OPI facts:
- Taylor Swift is totally in love with the color Licoln Park After Dark.
- The ladies from Sex and The City and Desperate Housewives wear every episode an nailvarnish from OPI.
- In the year 2010 OPI sold over 54 million nailpolishes.
- OPI developed an app for the iPhone to try out different colors of nailpolish every moment of the day.
- The polishes are popular in Hollywood. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, the Kardashians and Rihanna all wear OPI.
- The first OPI product was introduced in the USA in 1989.
- Dell and OPI cooperated together and developed laptops that can be performed in your favorite OPI nailvarnish.

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