Monday, February 28, 2011

FOTM: Essie Haute as Hello

It's the end of February and time to show the second; favorite nailpolish of the month.

At the beginning of Februari I recieved a few new nailpolishes. One of them was Haute as Hello from Essie. I've never had a nailpolish from Essie before and I'm quit suprised I didn't had one before because I'm in love!

I really like Haute as Hello, it's not just one specific color but a mix of different colors together. The colors that you might see in this polish are; peach, coral and pink. Tart Deco is a nail polish from Essie that looks almost exaclty the same but this one is a little bit more pinkish. Five years ago I also had a polish with the same color as Haute as Hello and back then I deliberately bought two of those nail polishes because I was in love with that color and I couldn't found a polish that had a color like that. I still use that polish but my second bottle of that polish is almost empty. More than a month ago while I was looking for a dupe color of that polish I found Haute as Hello. It's the exact same color! The color is perfect for spring or summer. No wonder the polish is from the Summer 2010 collection.
When you apply the polish it will be shiny but once it dries you will see that the nail polish has a semi matte finish. Most of you will know that if a polish is matte it will dry very quickly. So does this one. You have to work fast but neatly when you put the color on your nails. To get the perfect coat you will need two to three layers polish. The first layer will appear a little bit transparent.

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  1. Nice color! I like your blog! ;)

    xoxo Lindsey