Friday, February 25, 2011

Trend 2011: Crackle Nail Polish

Let's talk about a trend that is going 'round since mid 2010: Crackle nail polish.
For the ones who missed it: Crackle polish is a nail polish, almost a topcoat, that you put on top of a color nail polish that dries quick in little crackles.

A lot of brands already came with their own version of crackle nail polish. I don't own one yet, but that's going to change soon. Today I ordered all China Glaze crackle polishes. Yay!

Let's have a look at the crackle polishes that you can purchase at the moment:

The crackle polishes from China Glaze in Broken Hearted, Crushed Candy, Black Mesh, Cracked Concrete, Lightening Bolt and Fault Line. This collection is already available in the US. The collection will be available in Europe somewhere begin March.

Black Shatter from OPI. OPI is coming with a Pirates Of The Caribbean collection. In this collection there will be a silver crackle polish. June/July in stores in the US.

Crackling nail polishes from P2. I'm not really familiar with this brand but I just looked through some reviews and the contents differ.

BYS has even their own Crackle set. The set comes in different colors. Too bad the're not all crackle. As you can see there is a basecolor in it, a topcoat and one crackle. This crackle polish is black but they also have sets with a purple or red crackle topcoat. Of course you can also buy these individual.

Barry M has one in black.
I'm not sure if Barry M has more crackle polishes in different colors.

Well, a few examples of crackle polish that are available. I know there are more brands than these who sell those kinds of polishes, like Cover Girl but I could not find a "professional" photo of their polishes.
There are also other brands that is coming with a crackle polish later this year. For instants the Budgetproof brand Essence is also coming with their special topcoat in March.


  1. Ik heb er een van O.P.I. en hij werkt zo fijn !

  2. i have this do u have to cover the whole nail with the crackle nail polish????

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