Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Essence Studio Nails French Tips

Today I'm going to show you how to use the Professional French Nail Tips kit. The kit I'm using is from Essences' Studio Nails collection Better Than Gel Nails.
They promise professional looking french tips, who are better than gel nails, which are fast and easy to apply, easy to remove and all that without a UV-lamp.

I tested them out and wanted to share all the steps to create a french manicure that looks like, as they say, gel nails.

This kit has 18 french tips of 9 sizes, so two of each size, with size 9 being the smallest and 1 being the largest. The sizes I needed were, from pinky to thumb: 9, 4, 5, 8 and 2.
Stupid thing is that my pinky and my forefinger are almost the same as, just as my ring finger and middle finger. But kits like this, just like the fake nails kit, only have two of the same sizes. That's a reason why I never wear fake nails.

Now let's go to applying the french tips!
You need: the Essence French Tips kit, a smoothing file, regular file, nail glue and top coat.

Step 1; Choose matching sizes french tips.
Step 2; Cut or file your nails till you have short tips. Make sure you have to lay the professional french tips on top of your own tips but without seeing them. Then file your nails clean and smooth.

Step 3; Apply a nailglue on the back of the french tip you are going to use.
Step 4; Apply the french tips by pressing them onto your own tips. Also press the edges down and wait till the tips are glued onto your nails.

Step 5; Remove the handles by clicking the handle back and forth(or up and down as I would say).
Step 6; File off residue of the application handle. File the tips in wanted shape.
Step 7; Apply a top coat on top.

So the big test: Did the tips stay on for 10 days? I have to be honest; I don't know.
The second day the tip of my thumb broke off. I think that happend because I should have glued the tip better on. On the third day the tip of my middlefinger broke off.. and after that I just peeled every single tip off because the tips annoyed me just like fake nails do(to me).

The French Tips are available in white, black and silver for about 3 Euro and only in certain drugstores in Europe.


  1. Not a fan... Ik maak het wel zelf met een goede striper of een kwastje. Veel oefenen en dan lukt het vanzelf heel mooi!

  2. where can you buy just the nail tips ? :)

  3. In Europe at Kruidvat, Coop, Migros or at Manor. In the US at Ulta.