Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blaze Sun-Activated Color Change Nail Polish

I think you're all familiar with mood changing nail polish. Now I have something else that is kinda like mood changing nail polishes. These polishes don't color through temperature but through UV rays. So the minute you're in the sun, these nail polishes will get another color! The polishes I'm talking about are from Blaze, a brand by SolarActive.

This is what SolarActive says about the polishes:
An exclusive brand newSolarAvtive formula with new technology designed to improve flexibility, durability, wear and gloss. This new wearing formula provides a tough, durable chip-resistant finish and also has added UV protection to prevent polish discoloration. Our color changing nail polishes only takes two coats since it's a laquer. Our "Competitions" color change nail polishes takes about four coats and still can't match up!

Lightning Flash to Burgundy.
This yellow polish turns into burgundy, as the name says. But in real life the polish turns into a more orang flame color.

Clear to Black.
As you can see on the first picture you will see almost nothing special on my nails. Maybe a sheen but that is it. Well, I'm wearing Clear to Black on this first picture. As soon as I went into the sunlight my nails turned dark. Not black but more a navy blue. But the more layers of this polish, the darker the polish gets when it hits UV rays. In the pictures I'm wearing two coats.

Flamingo to Red Fire.
Just a straight baby pink color in the bottle, but when You put the color in the sunlight something happend with the color. It changes, not a lot, but the pink gets darker. It looks more fuchsia, the color has a coral sheen and the polish looks richer!

White Clouds to Red Horizon.
Alright, at first I thought this colors was called Apricot to Red Apple. Every Blaze polish has a sticker on the bottom wich says the name of the polish. This polish is missing it's sticker and I cannot remember what the actual name is. But thanks to Google I found out what the real name was; White Coulds to Red Horizon.
I can only discribe the first color as yellowish champagne, haha. But the color in sunlight actually looks like the color of the horizon when the sun goes down. I love it!

Spiced Lime to Blackberry.
A lime green nail polish that turns into the color dark raspberry with a slight hint of grey in the sunlight. Although the color isn't that good to see because it has a sheen and is kinda transparent it changes enhough color for me to like. You need more than two coats to make the green color look pretty thick onto your nails. 

All the polishes need two or more coats to get a nice pigmented, not sheer, effect. They all are a little bit streaky as you see on the pictures. This doesn't mean the polishes are too thick or syrupy as you apply them because they apply very good. They have the texture of a neon polish. Is a slight thin and dries within a minute! Then onto the changing colors; Okay, so overall the polishes do their work. They change color in direct sunlight. The polishes don't change color the way they supposed to as their names say. You may find is bad but I don't really care how the colors look in sunlight, as long as they do what they have to do, which is change color.
The nail polishes are available at http://www.solaravtiveintl.com/ for $6,95.


  1. Thank you for your review. FYI color change polishes need to have a transparency for the sun to pass thru for the color change to work. We like to use three coats for better coverage and a stronger deeper color change. Try that and you will get a better change:)

  2. Thanks for the tip! Next time I wear one of these polishes I'll add a few layers of transparent polish and see if and how it works.

  3. Hi my name is cierra i just bought some blaze and im very upset. because i appalled 5 coats and the color still didn't change:( then i tried less no result! finally i applied 10 coats still nothing! i called the blaze company up and the sent me my money back and told me to keep the other bottles! i was upset and when i tried it outside it was super sunny so i was confused why it didnt work! do JS DONT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT

    1. So weird they didn't changed colors! As you can tell by my pictures they definitly do change in direct sunlight! Maybe they're old and the formula that takes care of the change doesn't work anymore? But good to hear you got your money back.