Saturday, July 16, 2011

Personal Update: I'm gone!

Yes, I'm gone! Well just for a little while. Let me explain:

Years and years I wanted to work as an entertainer at a campsite. Working at a campsite with children and adults of all ages. Last year I discovered a company that takes care of entertainmentwork at different campsites in Europe. I applied at the end of last year and rechieved an email in January with a message. They asked me if I wanted to do a training. During this training they will show and learn you every single skill you, as an entertainer, need to have. You will get rated by the people who train you and they choose if you will get accepted(hired) or not. So after the training in April I got accepted for the upcoming summer season to work as an entertainer. But they didn't just hired me to work at one campsite as others do. No. I got accepted in a showteam with four others.

So, this summer I will travel to different campsites and resorts in the Netherlands. Maybe even Germany and Belgium, I'm not really sure. In the afternoon we will organize a meet and greet(as Spongebob or Dora) and in the evening we will do one show out of the three. This is what we do for a day, the next morning me and the others from the showteam will jump into the car to travel to another campsite to do the same thing over and over. I will be doing this for four weeks long, from this day on! The fifth week I will be working as an entertainer at a campsite, the job I applied for.
I'm sure it's going to be fun and I will learn a lot, but I also know that I'm going to be broken when I will be back home.

Now, onto my blog. You will not notice anything different around here. I've mad lots of articles so my blog won't be "dead" for five weeks. I actually wrote this to let you know that I will not be posting any responses to comments of you, my followers and other people who comment. (Actually; I haven't gave a response to comments because of a problem with blogspot.)

So untill I'm back; take care, have fun, enjoy the summer, do whatever you want and makes you happy!

Bye Bye!
xxx Stephanie

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  1. That sounds very.. you :) Have fun over there :D