Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crackle Combinations

So I was kinda lazy this one afternoon. I decided to make some swatches of polishes with a crackle polish on top. Crazy, how many different combinations you can make. Some are beautiful, some are horrible! Let's look at some looks I made:

First combi is a pinkish/coral base color with a sheen. On top a pastel yellow polish. The crackle polish is from Lady Victory. I bought this crackle polish online but the brand is not really familliar.

Second look is a purple crackle, Fault Line from China Glaze on top of In The Lime Light, also from China Glaze. The crackle polish looks more blue than purple. You might notice that the crackles look a bit different, they are horizontal because I applied my crackle horizontal.

My famous "vampire" nails. Haha. A red base with a black crackle. Too bad the crackle on my ringfinger didn't crackle up as much as the others.

Black crackle on top of a golden polish. I thought it would look nice, and voila! This is how it looks like. I think it looks even better than a silver base color with a black crackle on top. For this one I used a crackle polish from BeYu. This one applies better and thinner than other crackles I have.

Can this be more bright!? I don't think so. For the look above I used, from China Glaze, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and Broken Hearted on top. I know color blocking is hot this summer so this would be an example for people who have not so much inspiration to do some color blocking nails. I like it!

This nail look is my least favorite of the pictures in this article. I put a white crackle, diagonal, on top of a Sold Out Forever from Catrice, wich is a dupe of Chanels Jade.

I can't make another combination that looks more girly than this nail look. I put Broken Hearted on top of Sponteneous, both from China Glaze. (I love China Glaze!)

Unlike the other white crackle combination, this is one I do like. The base color is For Audrey from China Glaze(again, CG) with a white crackle on top!

The classic crackle manicure. Black and white. This is probably the most made crackle combination ever. If it's not black on white it's white on black.

This one is different than the other. Just because I used a very dark base color, a navy blue, than the crackle polish on top. Guess wich crackle polish this is. Again from China Glaze, this time it's Crushed Candy.

My friends called this look my "dinosaur nails". It's my yellow crackle on top of Turned Up Turqouise. I will made a seperate article on the yellow crackle for the ones who are interested.

I hope you liked my nail looks. All the looks are without a topcoat.


  1. Die roze met geel is echt super!

  2. i have used some of these pictures as example on this post http://goo.gl/vNYb7
    hope you don't mind ;)

  3. ^Hi. The way you mentioned my blog and showed my pictures, I don't mind. Too bad I can't read your blog/language.