Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ABC of NailsByStephanie

So as you all know; At this moment I'm working 5 weeks in a row in a showteam around different campsites in Europe. I didn't wanted to write to many nail blogs ahead so instead I have a tag.

A. Age:
22 Y/o. I actually feel very old but people estimate me younger than I am... I don't know what makes me feel better; me feeling older or people who think I'm 16.

B. Bed Size:
One person bed. I actually wanted a two person bed, but my room has weird angels and is too small.

C. Chore you hate:
Doing the dishes! I don't like to get my hands dirty with other people's food and filth. Besides it takes so long to get everything clean and dry.

D. Day:
I love fridayevening and saturday.

E. Essential to start your day:
I don't really have a routine that I have before I start the day. Oh, wait maybe I do.. I alway take my time to do my make up before I start my day.. but that's not every day because I don't wear make up every day.

F. Favorite color:
I have three favorite colors. One of the colors is pastel yellow, my walls of my bedroom are pastel yellow. I love turquoise and pink in almost every shade.

G. Gold or Silver:
I'm going with Silver. I really like golden nail polish but if I had to choose between gold or silver jewelry I have to choose silver. Just because I look so trashy with gold.

H. Height:
Oh no! I'm a midget, well almost, haha. I am 1 meter and 57 centimeter(1.57) which is around 5"1.

I. Instruments:
This is funny. I always wanted to play the piano or keyboard. So a couple years ago I bought a keyboard in a sale, with thoughts in the back of my head that I will learn to play the keyboard with a few lessons. Yeah, that didn't happen. I know how to read notes and I know who to indicate the notes on a keyboard.. but it's not going as fair as it should be.

J. Job Title:
Entertainer in a showteam. Business: Animation Company.

K. Kids:
Yes, definitly! But later on in my life. I'm still studying and I will be till I'm 25. Maybe after I got my diploma and a man to share my life with.

L. Live:
In The Netherlands.

M. Mom's name:
Wilma. When me and my bother were younger, around the age of 8, we used to call my dad Fred Flintstone and yell my mothers name when we came home from school. Kids sense of humor.

N. Nicknames:
Kempi, Steph, Steffi, Smurf, Turk and Mrs. El Hamdaoui. I'm not so thrilled about all my nicknames.

O. Overnight Hostpital Stays:
I never had to stay overnight in a hostpital.

P. Pet Peeve:
People who smack while they are eating! How nasty. Please, mouth closed! Chew like you have a secret!

Q. Quote from a movie:
"It's Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow." I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan!

R. Right handed or Left:
Right handed. But there are some acts where I'm more left handed than right. For example when I'm playing golf, I'm holding the golf club the way left handed people hold the club. Just as hockey stick or a baseball bat.

S. Siblings:
I have a two years, two months and two days younger brother named Nick.

T. Time you wake up:
When I go to school 7:45. For my internship 6:45. For my work at this moment 7:30 and when I have a day off mostly around 11:00. I love having a good sleep!

U. Underwear:
Really? You want to know what I'm wearing? Just a hipster with a lace border.

V. Vegtables you dislike:
The list of veggies I do like is shorter! So instead of the ones I dislike here the ones I do like. Chicory, sprouts, zucchini, butter beans, mushrooms, paprika, tomatos, cucumber and asparages.

W. What makes you run late:
I'm never late.. only when I sleep thought my alarm clock.

X. X Rays:
I think none.

Y. Yummy Food You Make:
I make good risotto and tortilla wraps

Z. Zoo:
I like going to the zoo. To bad I'm highly allergic to animals.. not for the animals but for their hairs.

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