Friday, September 28, 2012

Kelly Osbourne Azature Black Diamond Manicure

Kelly Osbourne was spotted with a very outstanding manicure last Sunday at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. She decorated her nails with real black diamonds. The most expensive manicure of the event, probably the most expensive manicure ever. How expensive? $250.000!

Kelly was aware of the huge amount of price of her manicure and was even terrified of wearing them out on the red carpet. A few hours before the event started Kelly tweeted; "About to get a $250k manicure w nail polish made w blk diamonds made by @azature so excited & honored but absolutely shitting myself to have that much money on my nails! "

Days after the event she said on twitted that she is sorry for anyone she offended but doesn't regret the manicure. It made her feel like a queen and it was a once in a lifetime experience. She did not pay for the bottle or manicure but was just lucky enough to be the one that got picked to wear it.

The infamous bottle! Jewelry couturier and brand Azature produced a one of a kind nail polish. This bottle contains 267 carats of black diamonds inserted in black polish.
If you want a manicure like like Kelly, but think the price is a little too much(haha, like we all do). You can also get the cheaper, budget version of this black diamond nail polish for only $25,- Accordingto a spokesperson of Azature this cheap version had a real black diamond inside.

I know Kelly Osbourne got a lot of hate on her manicure who think it's a waste of money. Now we know she didn't pay a single dollar for the manicure. If I had the opportunity to get a Black Diamond manicure for free, I would get it and rock that manicure! What do you think of this expensive manicure?

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  1. Ik vind het wel gaaf. Maar veelste prijzig.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. this is super cool but the price is high .

  3. Nail fashion and hairstyles are so beautiful.The second image is so cool and fantastic.

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  4. No, Osborn was simply asked to wear it. People need to get over it. Money is wasted all the time on pointless things. For example, I guarantee that "Crystal" has bought a plastic disposable water bottle before in her life. Talk about a waste. It's called tap water. Yes, some states don't recommend that you don't drink from the tap-- and that's understandable, but Crystal here is from L.A. and her drinking water is legit. Anyways, I don't see her make-up give-aways benefiting any third world country either.

    I don't like or dislike Miss Osborn, but I honestly don't care what's on her nails. But the critics for something as minor as this is just silly.
    LAY OFF PEOPLE. There will be a bigger and better "scandal" tomorrow.