Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Essence Colour & Go Polishes Part I

I was organizing my nail polish stash last week and put all brands by brands together. I thought I would be nice to show you all my polishes from Essence Colour & Go. I don't wanted to make this article too long so this is the first part. Let's go!

From left to right; Shocking Blue, Choose Me and a color that I don't know the name of. The middle polish is pretty new, it's in stock since I guess May. The other ones are a little older. Not all polishes are available anymore.

So my very first polish is Shocking Blue, a fair blue creme polish. This is actually a polish that I mostly use for nail art instead of a regular nail polish. This color isn't available anymore.

So this color's name is Choose Me, and I know why! This polish screamed "choose me!" when I looked at polishes. The color is so pretty! The color is bright teal/aqua blue and as teeny tiny silver and golden glitters. The polish is very sheer. I used two coats on the two pictures above.

And now, the polish which name I don't know. (If you know the name, please let me know!) What I do know is that the color is pretty! I love it. It's a navy blue with blue shimmers. The polish looks suede underneath water.

Last two polishes from left to right; Check Me Out and Irreplaceable.

I remember this green polish, named Check Me Out, as one of my first polishes from Essence. I still use it for nail art because the green is very true and it has a lot of pigment.

Last polish of this article; Irreplaceable. The color is very nude, maybe too dark for a lot of you(and me), with small golden glitters in it. I love it! This polish is pretty new and is still available.

Hope you liked seeing my Colour & Go polishes, if you want to see more come back tomorrow because I will show you my other polishes from Essence.


  1. Dat laatste lakje vind ik het mooiste.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. the navy blue one could be "hard to resist"