Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Catrice Polishes 2012

It's been three, months ago since Catrice came with some new polishes. Not just new colors for the spring and re-released polish, the polishes also came with new brushes. In February I got some new Catrice polishes. Here are some swatches and a review on these new polishes.

These are the polishes I got. Catrice came with a bunch of new polishes, I only got four because I already own the re-released polishes, and I didn't liked the colors of the other new polishes. The names of the polishes I got are; 740 King Of Greens, 820 Pimp My Shrimp, 830 Salmon & Garfunkel and 840 Genius In The Bottle.

The new brushes look interesting. They are flat and are more rounded at top(or should I say bottom) which makes painting your nails even more easier. It really does, because of the rounded top you can really create a neat line near your cuticle. I wish they came with these brushes a few years back.

First polish is King Of Greens, a very dark forest green polish. The polish has a beautiful green shimmer to it, wich you can totally tell by the second picture.

Pimp My Shrimp is a very plain creme polish. The color isn't that exciting, it looks coral, but the color tends to be more orange. Just a pretty polish.

Salmon & Garfunkel, again, isn't such an excited color. It's just a plain creme apricot polish which looks amazing when you're tan.

Last polish is Genius In The Bottle. This polish pops out of the whole new collection because it's the only duochrome. The color is, what can I say, gold, green and brown. It has it's unique color in every sort of lightening. People say it's a good dupe of Chanel Peridot. I don't know about that, I have never seen Peridot in my life(well, just now, I Googled it).

How do you like these new polishes? Have you got one of the new polishes or tried out the new brushes? Do like 'm as much as I do? :D


  1. I have a load of the new polishes and I love them! Acid/dc is my favourite so far. I think the new brush is far better although the old one was fairly good too!

  2. Geweldige kleurtjes zijn dit van Catrice!