Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tag: How Fake Are You?

I was searching around, reading some blogs, when I bumped into this How Fake Are You tag. Hhm, interesting to read what people say about themselves. Let's put the test on me! See how fake I am!

Have you ever had cosmetic surery?
I've had refractive surgery. For the ones who don't know; refractive surgery is eye surgery. I lasik lasered my eyes a couple years ago. I started wearing glasses when I was 9 years old. My eyes got really bad after the age of 13. When I was 16 my diopter was -7,50 and -8,00 and I switched on to contact lenses. After two/three years I couldn't wear my lenses anymore because of hayfever. I always struggled with my eyes being infected. I didn't wanted to go back to glasses, I hated them so much. And having such a bad diopter I just couldn't see a thing without my glasses.
I always talked about eye laser surgery since I got my glasses, so I went to some information sessions about laser surgery. Then I really decided I wanted to laser my eyes and after a few tests my eyes seemed to be perfect for lasik laser surgery and a few weeks after those tests I finally got my eyes done.

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Do you use fake lashes?
Sometimes when I'm going out at night and with Halloween or Carnaval.

Do you wear a weave or hair extensions?
No. My hairtexture and length is just the way I like it.

Do you use makeup every day?
When I go to work I wear makeup because I have to look representative. When I go to school I mostly wear makeup. Sometimes I have days when I don't like to wear makeup so I don't wear any. Also when I'm in a rush in the morning I'd like to skip my makeup.
When I'm a day off I like wearing no makeup. Just as when I'm on vacation. 

Would you consider cosmetic surgery?
Reconstructive surgery, yes. Aestethic or cosmetic surgery, no. I don't have the need to. I'm not completely satisfied with my body, but that's the way I look and I am. I accepted who I am and I'm fine with it. Even with my big belly, saggy boobs, flat butt, crooked nose and no cheekbones.

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Could you live without makeup?
Could I live without it? Sure. I could definitly live without makeup on my face. Would I really do it? No. I love the different colors, pigmentation and experimenting with makeup.

Do you wear false nails?
No. I really like seeing false nails with awesome nail art. My natural nails are the length I like. They break a lot, but nails grow, after two weeks my nails are long again and I don't mind waiting those two weeks.

Do you dye your hair?
Yes. I started dying my hair when I was 8 or 9 years old. My mom is a hairdresser and always dyed my hair when I was little. Mostly with the reason because she still had to learn how to dye hair and dye highlights and lowlights. I wanted to dye my hair and my mom approved me being her guinea pig. I dye my hair ever since. At the beginning, the first few year, I just had highlights. Last winter I had a pink dip dye.  Right now my hair is brown. I just like to experiment with different haircolors.

Do you use a sunbed?
Yes. In the winter I'm very pale and my mom has her own sunbed at home so I use her sunbed to tan. I tan very fast so once every month is more than enough for me. When spring starts I stop tanning and when the winter begins I start tanning.

Do you use selftanners?
Not right now. I have tried a few selftanners a couple years back. They never worked for me. Selftanner that were supposed to stay on your skin without washing off, I always could wash it off in the shower. Even when I scrubbed my skin before applying the selftanner. Just haven't had enough positive results to keep using selftanners.

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Do you have tattoos?
No. I have considered getting one. But I still live at home and my mom is against tattoos. Since she still pays my school and I live at home without paying my mom for food or shelter I just do what she says. I think if I come home with a tatt my mom could kick me out or say I have to pay everything myself, which I can't at this moment. When I live on my own I'm getting a tattoo. My first one will be for my mom and grandma for everything they've done for me in life.

I think I did quit okay. I scored three yesses and two sometimes. It could have been worse. I know some Youtube gurus would score a yes on almost every question. Which means fake as hell. But my results are, I think, resonable. What do you think of my score? What would you score? 

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  1. Je resultaten zijn prima. Je bent absoluut niet fake.
    Leuke tag om te lezen.
    Liefs, xx

  2. Its an interesting tag, but I kind of disagree with using 'fake' in the physical sense to determine fake as a person, if that makes sense. I mean if someone is plastic surgeried into the next year, but they're a real, wonderful person, then I wouldn't say theyre fake - if that makes sense! :)

  3. hehehe... that is quite an interesting article.......