Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Quick Tip: Remove Glitter Polish in Secondes!

I love wearing glitter polishes. I own them in many, many colors and I can watch and stare at glitters, like a little child, for hours. The only downfall of wearing glitter polish is removing the glitters at the end. Rubbing the glitter off with just remover and cotton pads or balls isn't an option. The cotton will stick behind the glitters and then it gets more messier.
Now I have got the ultimate solution to remove those glitters!

We all know the foil method to remove glitter nail polish, right?! Well, I don't like that method. I can't sit still for 10 minutes with cotton pads on my nails, all drenched in nail polish remover and an piece of aluminum around it, just so everything stays in place. If I even look at some tutorials on how to do the foil method, I always see some polish left on the edge of the nail or next to the cuticle. Talking about an easy way to remove glitter, not! Let's just get onto my ultimate method, haha!

For this easy and fast way to remove glitter polish, all you need is an artificial nail remover filled with nail polish remover. I used the one from Kruidvat, a drugstore homebrand. You can use whatever brand you like. I know Sephora, Sally Hansen and Orly have one. Just make sure the remover has the plastic bristles instead of the sponge, the bristle are the most important of all.

Okay, now, on this picture my nails are covered with a beautiful glitter polish that I wanted to get off. All I did was to put a finger into the artificial nail remover and twist the bottle a few times. While you twist, and because of the motion, the plastic bristles rub against your nail and will finally rub off the glitters and clean the nail. Repeat this step to every single nail covered with glitter polish, and voilà, clean and glitterless nails! Easy peasy right? And no more extra work on cleaning those edges and cuticles.

Your nails and cuticles might come out very dry, but with just using a little bit of Lemony Flutter that dryness will be gone in just a second!

And that's, ladies and gentlemen, my way to remove glitter nail polish! Have you every tried one of these methods, what do you think of them? If you used them both, which method do you prefer?


  1. Dit spul is zo handig, heb het zelf ook in huis.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. wauww handig zeg! Altijd zo'n werk om de glitters eraf te halen..

  3. Omg, geweldig!!

    Glitter nagellak is echt mooi, maar het is idd heel vervelend om het weer eraf te halen. Daarom heb ik bijna nooit glitters op m'n nagels ):

  4. Je hebt me zo juist gered!
    Ik heb een prachtige glitter nagellak van OPI maar wil hem eigenlijk niet meer op, door het vreselijke fiasco bij het afhalen!

    Ik ga dit direct halen!