Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day #12 Stripes

Well, what can I say. This challenge is my least favorite. Just look at my nails. It looks horrible! The stripes are all crooked. One of the reasons this looks like it does is because I never ever do anything with stripes on my nails. I don't even own any nail art brushes, just nail polish with striper brushes which I never use.

For this look I used a pastel yellow polish. On top I painted stripes in pastel orange, teal and white. So, this one is a huge fail. I wore this look not longer than an hour. I can't wear a manicure that looks horrible.


  1. Dat vind ik echt heel grappig, leuk!

  2. Leuk gelukt! Ik heb al een poosje geen strepen meer gezien..

  3. Wat leuk en lekker zomers!

    xx Astrid

  4. wat een leuke kleurtjes.
    Liefs, xxx