Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update: No Articles These Upcoming Two Weeks!

Hello, hello! An update to tell you guys I'm not gonna be blogging these upcoming weeks.

It's almost the end of my schoolyear. My summer holiday starts 14 July, so I have three more weeks to go, actually two and a half. These upcoming weeks are my exam weeks, which are very important for me.
I still have a few tests I resits to make, three in total. I have to pass all tests, of course, but especially one in particular. Calculate and Mathematics didactics. This test is still a part of the propaedeutic phase of my education; My education is divided in three phases. The propaedeutic phase which is the first year, for some the first two years if you haven't passed one or a couple tests in your first year. Then you have the main phase which is second and third year. I'm also doing the main fase. Last phase is the graduation phase, which is the fourth and last year.
Since this is my second year of college I have to pass my Calculate and Mathematics didactics test to get the remaining credits for my propaedeutic phase. If I don't pass this test I have to redo this year in a whole other city, or quit school. None of these is an option for me. I need to pass the test! 

So, no blogposts from me on this blog for two whole weeks. I just want to focus on the tests that are coming up. I need to pass them (and I'm gonna pass!) so I can continue my study! 

Hope you all understand, and see you in two weeks!
xoxox Stèphanie