Saturday, July 14, 2012

Update: I'm Back.. For Now!

Hi girls (and guys)!

Thanks for being so patient with me and my blog. 
I told you all about how I was doing with school.. and actually, I´m haven´t got any wiser. I mean, I did all the work I had to do, but now I have to wait for my result. Since my summervacation officially started today, I have to wait till the end of August for my final result. If I finished the propaedeutic phase of my education is still a question. If I can continue and can start the third year is another question. I hope so, because I don´t want to redo this whole year(in another town). 

For now, I´m going to enjoy my summervaca. The weather isn´t that great but that doesn´t matter because I´m also going to Gran Canaria in my summer vacation. 

Thank you all!!
My first blog since my "little break" will be up tomorrow.

xoxox Stephanie

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