Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Tag: ..And That's Who I Am

I did the 50 Random Facts Tag recently and was updating my And That's Who I Am board on my Pinterest account when I realised I never did the ATWIA tag on my blog. I actually have way too many pins of ATWIA so I picked 15 to share with you guys.

I love making lists. 
True! I actually have to make a list, because I always forget what to do and when to do it. I love to organize, and what better way to organize with lists, cute notebooks and different gel pens. :D

I really like sleeping.
I love my bed. I've never had a better bed to sleep in. I just love it. Every time when I'm out of school way too early I'll mostly go back to bed to take a nap. 

I'm a daredevil.
I really like adrenaline and I always seek fear or scray things to do. A couple years ago I was able to go bungeejumping, so I did. It was awesome, I would do it again! Things that are on my list to do: Skydiving and bungeejumping in New Zealand.

I'm always laughing hysterically.
I can laugh about the stupidest and craziest things that no one would laugh about. I always laugh out loud and most people find it very contagious because they always have to laugh when I do.

I'm not perfect, but that's okay with me. 
Need I say more? You need to be satisfied with what and who you are.

I love singing to myself.
I love singing in general, but no one likes when I'm singing. It's not like I sing out of tune, it's more that I sing alot.. and I mean alot! Every time I hear a word, I have to link it to a song.

I'm always there for people, even when no one is there for me.
I've always been thought to be there for people when they have problems or not feeling well. I'm always there for my friends and they know they can always call me in the middle of the night when they need to. Where I want to go to with my story is a bit long, but long story short; a friend who I've always been there for never showed some interest against me which kinda broke our friendship.

I have problems concentrating.
I actually have to do my homework right now, haha. I can't study with any noise or anything in my mind that I haven't done yet.

I adore my grandmother.
Shout out to my grandma. She's the sweetest grandma and a great person who helped me during a rough time in my life. 

I love history.
One of my favorite classes in high school was history. I don't know what it is but I find some things so fascinating. 

I listen to one song I like over and over until I'm sick of it.
Haha. I'm like a little child who also likes to play a song over and over.

I love Les Miserables
Musicals have always had a place in my heart, but Les Miserables is the best and most tragic musical ever. It has such a good story, characters and music.. I can watch it over and over.

I love being the centre of attention.
Yeah.. haha. I kinda do. 

I'm a night owl.
I am not a morning person. I don't like to wake up early and if it's up to myself I would wake up at 12 noon every single day, start my day slowly and start working till it's in the middle of the night. I just get more productive in the middle of the night. I'm even typing this after 12 PM. 

I'm great with kids.
People always told me when I was younger I was great with kids. I started babysitting when I was 12 y/o. I always loved babysitting and wanted to do something with kids in the future, so I studied and became a social pedagogical worker. After I graduated I worked at a daycare for almost two years. Then I decided I wanted to become a school teacher so now I'm doing a study to become a elementary school teacher. I'm not in my third year and ready to go in my last year! 

..And that's who I am! Who are you?

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