Thursday, December 16, 2010

Trend: Fading Ombré Nails

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the trend Ombré Nails. Now I'm going to talk about fading ombré nails.

What are fading nails? Fading nails are like the original ombré nails but a little different. If you want ombré nails you paint each nail the same color but in different shades from dark to light, or light to dark.

If you want fading nails you're going to paint one nail a color in different shades. From the tip of your nails to your cuticle. You can do it in one color, two different colors or a rainbow of colors. It's just what you like.

How can you make this? Airbrush it! I don't have an airbrush at home and I think lots of people don't have one too. No worries. You can also make this look with a sponge. A bathsponge, foundationsponge or even the back of a scourer is fine. Pick up some nailpolish on your sponge and dab it on your nail. To create a fading nail you have to pick up a different color and dab this color half onto the nailpolish you've already put on your nail. Continue this with other colors till you think it's enough.

Be creative, you can do lots of other things to your nails with a sponge!

Tip: Instead of fading the colors from the tip of your nail to your cuticle you can also fade the colors from left to right.

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