Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Essence 'Show Your Feet' Nailpolishes

Today a review about the Show Your Feet line from Essence. Essence just came out with this new line especially for your feet. Two weeks ago I purchased three nailpolishes from the SYF-line. The colors I bought are Purple Magic, Sunshine 4Ever and Caribbean Sea. The line has eight nailpolishes in total.

What does the nailpolishes promiss: The nailpolish is anti-bacterial, extreme long lasting, great coverage with just one coat and for your feets only.

In the beginning I was a little bit sceptical about these polishes. Okay, I bought them because the colors looked nice but polishes for your feet only? Come on! No polish is for your feet only. Also "extreme long lasting" sounded above my expectations. Why would these nailpolishes be more long lasting than China Glaze or OPI. Because it sounds like they promiss to be better than other brands.

First a thing about the packaging: My compliments to Essence! I really like the nailpolish bottle. The bottle is rounded, just like a GOSH or MAC nailpolish but the top is not black, it is white.. and it makes the nailpolishes look fresh and ready for the summer! It looks a bit like the polishes from Models Own.

Purple Magic

 Sunshine 4Ever

Than the important things: How about the great coverage? I must say that these polishes have great pigments in it. One coat is really enough! You can even use the polishes for some stamping nailart because they are so pigmented. (The pictures you see here are just with one coat.)
Than the substance. The polishes are creamy, thick and might stroke if you apply them for the first time. But no worries, the strokes fade/melt into the nailpolish on your nail and will disappear.

Caribbean Sea

But what about the sustainability? Well.. I put the yellow polish on my nails monday and saturday one nail started chipping. That's six days! To me that is very long. Longer than some expensive polishes I own.

I cannot test if it's anti-bacterial but I guess if they are only for your feet I think they are anti-bacterial.
Anyways I'm really excited about these polishes and I'm glad I purchased them.


  1. Mooie lakjes!

  2. I just applied "Iced mint frappé" on my nails. great color, but I'll have to use one more coat :-/
    The color is just fantastic.