Friday, January 21, 2011

Trend 2011: Lace Nails!

One of the nail trends for spring 2011 are laced nails. You might have heard of lace nails before. In the end of 2009/beginning of 2010 there were celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively who wore nails with lace. People were talking about the lace nail trend but it didn't came to the big audience for take the big step and wear the look.

There are a lot of ways to apply lace onto your nails. On YouTube you can find a lot tutorials on how to glue them on your nails using actual glue. I'm not really thrilled using glue on my nails so instead I use a topcoat as glue.

Want laced nails?

Things you need are:

Basecoat, color nailpolish, topcoat, sciccor and lace.

1. Cut pieces of lace the same size as your nails. Put the pieces aside for a little while.

2. Put on your basecoat and your color nailpolish.

3. If your color nailpolish is dry put a coat of your topcoat on top. Let this topcoat dry a little bit, till it's half dry and you can still damage the nailpolish.

4. Then put the pieces lace on every nail.

5. To seal the lace into the nailpolish, put the topcoat over the lace.

If you think using real lace is a bit too much, over the top and/or high fashion you can also paint lace with a striper of toothpicks onto your nails. If you're not that creative there are also laced images from Konad on their plates you can use to follow this trend.

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