Friday, February 11, 2011

Max Neon Set - Part I

In my last haul I showed you new polishes I bought. Today a review of the Neon Set.
The neon set is a set with six different neon colors. The bottles are cute and a little bit small.

The colors in the set are nice. A purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. They all look good to me. They say the colors are neon, that means the colors get brighter and light up underneath a blacklight. The only colors that are neon from this set and actually do light up are the pink and green polishes. The blue one is slightly neon, the color lights up but not as much as pink and green. But the colors look great in their bottle. But they are not as pigmented as I thought. Because while putting the colors on my nails I realised that you really need two to three coats to have an opaque layer.


I will post the other swatches the day after tomorrow.


  1. Ze zijn eigenlijk best goed voor de prijs! Alleen ik vind de kleuren zelf niet zo mooi.

  2. Ziet er goed uit zeg!
    Leuke kleurtjes!

  3. Die roze ziet er nog best ok uit