Sunday, February 13, 2011

Max Neon Set - Part II

As promissed the other swatches from the Neon set by Max.

Before I will show you the swatches I just wanted to say something about the polishes. De day before yesterday I told you about the color.

About the sustainability; the polishes last long and the already chipped after one day. But with a topcoat as Seche Vite or Out The Door they will last a little bit longer that just that one day. To bad, but I didn't had high hopes on these polishes because they were so cheap.


  1. Die eerste is alleen best wel streperig.

  2. Hi, ik heb de kleurtjes ook maar heb ze niet heel vaak op moet ik zeggen. De roze is my favorite van deze lakjes. Leuk dat je ze zo op deze manier even laat zien ;-)


  3. Ik had ze ook al zien liggen maar heb ze niet gekocht, ze zijn wel erg sheer