Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Stash: Photos

I never actually showed my nailpolishstash on my blogspot and I thought this was the moment to share some pictures. Maybe next time a video!

My beautycase were I keep half of my polishes. I bought this beautycase a couple of years ago at Ici Paris XL. 

First layer polishes. On the left I have some little polishes from the HEMA(dutch shop), Essence, 2B and the 5 at the bottem are Blaze. At the right on top I have Golden Rose, some polishes from Thailand, Claire's and stripes from Essence. 

My whole beautycase from the inside. I have a lot polishes from GOSH, Golden Roze and HEMA.

Other polishes I keep in my rol trolley. 

Inside my China Glaze, other Golden Rose polishes, some OPI and in the little backet some random polishes. 

My leopardprint toiletry where I keep all my nailart. 

 Nail display wheels.
My stamping nailart. The polishes are all Konad, just as the rounded imageplates. A few products are from Essence. Maybe I'll purchase some Bundle Monster plates.  

Some nailartstuff: rhinestones, cotton swabs, nail polish thinner, a dotting tool(I got more but I lost them), some nailstickers, fruity fimo canes, nailfiles and fake nails. I use the fake nails to practice some freehanded nailart one.


  1. Veel! Ik heb er nu rond de 60 ofzo. Leuke blpg! Ik heb je trouwens nog gezien(ou, niet echt 'gezien') bij budgetproof en op girlscene=D

  2. Dat kan kloppen ja! Dat je ook meteen kan associeren dat ik het ben. Leuk!

  3. Ja, bij girlscene heb ik een paar van je nailarts gezien en op budgetproof ook:P

  4. wow! je hebt echt superveel! Mooie stash hoor!