Thursday, March 29, 2012

NOTD: The Hunger Games Effie Trinket Manicure

May the odds be ever in your favour.
The Hunger Games, the whole world is talking about it, and so am I. I have seen the movie exactly one week ago and was so excited when I saw the nails of Effie Trinkets, played by Elizabeth Banks, on screen. If you watched really good and close, you might have seen a couple manicures on Effie. I just chose to do the manicure she is wearing in the beginning of the movie, during the lottery.

"Effie escorts the tributes from District 12 to the capital for training and media interviews and then to the games. She's fashion-forward and likes wearing wigs, even bubble-gum pink ones. At first, she detests her job, doing her best to be promoted to a better, richer district. But as time goes by, Effie gets attached to her District 12 acquaintances."

I got a printscreen of Effie Trinket and her nails. Now you can see up close the manicure I'm talking about. The nails are made with the spongetechnique. The nails are red-violet(yep, that's one pinkish color) with golden tips.

In this article I told you I was never ever going to do the sponge technique again.. and this is me failing at that quote. I'm never going to say I'm never going to do anything again. Haha. I just love this manicure. The gold and the pinkish color look very well together. How do you think I did my nails? This manicure was actually hard to get as perfect as I wanted because this is my right hand, and since I'm right handed and had to do everything with my left, I think it turned out pretty okay.

My thoughts on the movie, spoilers alert;
I haven't read the book, or books, so I went to the movie without any expectation. I can't really judge the movie on the real storyline, but I assume that if you did read the book first(like I did with the whole Twilight Saga) you might dislike some parts. Maybe they rushed some parts, or some characters look so much more different than described in the books.
Back to my thoughts; I liked the movie. The introduction was a little rushed but that was okay. Just too bad they didn't showed much of the characters and their personality. But at the end, the Hunger Games itself was more important for the whole movie.
The movie got my attention from the beginning till the end. There was so much tension, especially when the games started! I was really in the movie when watching it. When you are you let go of your emotions. I cried tears when Rue died, even more when Katniss walked away, the music in the background started and when the people of Rue's, her father, district went mad. 
The end went by very fast. I counted every cannon shot during the movie and I knew there were only 3 contestants left when they let the wolves go.. then I realised the end of the movie was almost there.
The sense of time was really well put together. You are really aware that the movie takes place in the future. I love who they styled all people, I really felt the sphere how people live. Especially the Capitol citizens! Their clothing, makeup.. everything.
This all makes me want to see the movie again. And I think I will, very soon!
Have you seen the movie, what are your thoughts? Are you just as excited? What do you think of my manicure?