Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tag: Nail Polish Tag!

I actually had another article for you today, but I bumped into this nail polish tag. And which tag fits better on this blog than a nail polish tag!! Let's get started;

How many nail polishes do you own?
I don't know the exact number, but the last time I counted my nail polishes, I counted 222 polish. But I threw some old polishes out of my stash and bought new ones.

Where do you store your nail polishes?
Since last week in a Helmer dresser. I always wanted the dresser, it's the ultimate dresser for nail polish because they fit in perfectly!

Which color is your least favorite?
Grey. I don't wear grey very often(I don't own a lot of grey polishes).

What is your favorite finish?
Mainly a cream finish. I love the texture and the way it applies; without any streaks.

When was the first time you polished your nails?
I can't remember the first time I polished my nails, just as the first polish I ever bought. The only thing I do know is that it was in the period of late elementary school

How often do you paint your nails a week?
Two to three times a week.

What is your favorite topcoat?
If I've done nail art; Seche Vite
Just for plain polishes; INM Out The Door
They both seal the polishes, especially Seche Vite, and dry very fast.

Wich nail polish remover do you use?
Just some regular nail polish remover from Kruidvat, without any acetone. I don't like the bottle it comes in, I always push it over.

What is your favorite polish brand?
Comparing the quality, the price and the range of colors I would say Catrice. Very good quality for a very low price, and they have enough beautiful colors to choose from. But the brand of my favorite polishes to wear is definitly China Glaze!

Any brand you don't like?
Yes, the brand Max. I'm not familliar with their makeup but their polishes streak, they don't dry in an hour, there are not many colors to choose from, difficult to obtain.. and the price is comparable with the polishes from Essence.

Do you prefer long or short nails?
Not too long or too short. A little in between.

What is your favorite red polish?
A red polish, number 201, from Miss Helen.

Favorite pink?
This is a hard question. I always wear pink, if it's not on my regular nails, it's on my toes. Here are some pink polishes I wear the most; China Glaze - Pool Party, China Glaze - Strawberry Fields, China Glaze - Pink Voltage, China Glaze - Shocking Pink, China Glaze - Fiji Fling, Essie - Knockout Pout and last but not least H&M - Check Me Out.

Favorite purple?
Both from China Glaze; Spontaneous and LOL. First one is a cream polish and the second one a holo.

Favorite blue?
Blue/Turquoise, what's the difference, haha! Favorite blue is Turquoise & Caicos from Essie. And of course; For Audrey from China Glaze.

What about green?
Favorite green is a dupe of Chanels Jade. It's called Sold Out Forever, from Catrice. Last winter the color by Chanel was a huge hit and this color was, as it's name already, almost always sold out.

Your favorite grey/brown?
Don't have a favorite grey. Favorite brown is

And nude?
Yes! Number 200 from the L'Oreal Jet-Set Diamant collection. I don't think the collection still exists because this is a polish that I own for many years.

What about peach/orange/yellow?
Peach; China Glaze - Peachy Keen and Essie - Haute as Hello
Orange; Catrice - Rusty But Sexy
Yellow; China Glaze - Lemon Fizz and Catrice - Bye Bye Birdy! Both pastel yellow.

What are your top 5 polishes right now?
Oh my, I'll do my best. I think I'm just going to pick five of my favorites out and without placing them in any order. Gosh - Holograpic, China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy, China Glaze - Pink Voltage(on top of Flip Flop Fantasy), Essence - Ahoy! and Essie - Haute as Hello.

What would be your dream nail polish?
The perfect polish would be a white polish, that is very pigmented and just needs one coat. Oh, and it has to dry fast.

So, that was the nail polish tag. I twas kinda difficult for me to do. Especially the favorite polishes of each colors. But I made it through! Now it's your turn, have fun doing this tag!

xoxo Stephanie


  1. De kleurrijke china glaze lakjes zijn echt prachtig. Leuke tag, ik heb hem al op meerdere blogs voorbij zien komen. Ik ga je meteen even volgen via bloglovin'.
    Kan ik mooi je updates in de gaten houden. Zelf heb ik ook een beautyblog, moet je maar even kijken.
    Liefs, xxxx