Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mani's and Pedi's for Pets!

Some pets get a royal treatment. Karl Lagerfelds siamese cat Choupette has 20 legit iPads, eats lunch and dinner with Karl on the table, and even has two maids for night and day. Karl even tweeted a picture as evidence.
Talking about spoiled pets. Have you ever seen of heard of manicures and pedicures for pets? Not just trimming the nails, but also giving dogs and cats a cute manicure.. or should I say pawdicure. I found some pictures of those mani pedi's, picked out my favorite, and put them in this article. Enjoy!

These days you don't even have to go to the salon to get your pet a pawdicure and get his or her nails polished. You can even do your pets nails yourself!

Warren London, a company for dog spa and grooming products, has seven different Pawdicure Polish Pens. Nails polish pens especially made for pets, dogs. The pens dry quick, are non-toxic, great pigmented, easy to remove and, most important, save for pets. See here, at around 2:20, the polish pens on Martha Steward.

What do you think of such things, nail polish for pets? I think it's unnatural, but kinda cute in a way. If I had a pet I wouldn't polish it with regular polish or use rhinestones or nail applications. I would use the special pens instead! Haha. (No, I don't think I would polish my pets nails)