Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Miss Sporty Fabulous Nail Patch

Nail sticker, patches, foils. All names for one thing, nail applications. Every brand seems to come with their own nail applications. I have tried a lot of them, some I hated, some I liked. Today I'm trying and reviewing the 001 Zebra ones from Miss Sporty.

The packaging looks just like any other nail applications. There is a step by step guide which shows you how to apply the stickers. Looks easy!

These are the self adhesive stickers. There are 10 stickers in the packaging, which I think is very low. Your nail sizes might not be near the sizes as the sticker come in. You probably have to cut some to fit your nails. 

Step 1; Check for a suitable size for your nail. I recommand measure the stickers with all of your nails. You don't want to come for a surprise if a nail sticker doesn't fit a nail.

Step 2; Remove the sticker gently from the release paper. Be careful, the sticker is very thin and could break if your not gently enough.

Step 3; Place the sticker on the desired nail. Be careful and do this right in one motion. If the sticker touches your nail there is no way back. Press it down so the sticker will completely stay on your nails. Also rub the edges down.

Step 4; File the excess sticker off of your nails. That's it, don't add topcoat because you will smear the black out, just leave your nails like this.

This is the result of the Miss Sporty Nail Patches on my nails. I don't have any pictures for my pointer finger nail arch, because as you can already see, the edges of the stickers don't really stick to the nails. Which is also the case with my other fingers. This is not just with these sticker from Miss Sporty, I also tried 004 Sweet Heart and they looked just the same. Weird, because I've seen many pictures around from people who tried these and had amazingly good photo's with no bumps. 

No, these don't really work for me. I hope they do for you if you ever tried them! What are your favorite nail applications?

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